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Jesse James

Jesse is widely known as a top custom motorcycle and car builder and founder of West Coast Choppers, the worldwide brand known by bike enthusiasts as an icon of utmost quality and unparalleled style.
Jesse also starred in several TV shows over the past 20 years, most of which were focused on his signature craftsmanship in the world of custom cars, beautiful firearms and one of a kind hand built choppers.
Currently Jesse is amidst the filming of a new season of his hit TV series Monster Garage, to be aired by Discovery Channel later this year.

Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi (Iceman) is widely regarded as one of the most talented drivers ever in Formula 1 history. This F1 world champ has always thrilled his fans across the globe as a long time favourite.
Kimi’s cult status is driven by his no nonsense personality on and off track. He will soon be the record holder having the most F1 GP’s under his belt in F1 history.
Although Kimi is not bothered with this record, it is a proof of his natural talent for driving cars and bikes fast, being around in F1 for almost 20 years.

The Collection

Born during the 2018 US F1 GP after Kimi's win, he and Jesse discovered they had a lot in common. From their passion for bikes, cars and racing, to their no-nonsense attitudes.
Kimi and Jesse walk their way while putting in the hard work and dedication. The 'Kimi' brand goes beyond F1 and the world of custom vehicles.
It's a celebration of life from two outlaws who each started from the bottom and reached the top positions in their games. 
We are proud to present this rich and personal collection where both Kimi and Jesse have their hands on. New products will be added regularly so keep checking in to keep up to date.

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